The Old Lamplighter

This website is dedicated to the modern day Lamplighters who do small acts of kindness without expecting anything in return.

Long before we had electric street lights, many cities had oil street lamps. Someone would have to light the lamps at dusk and extinguish them at dawn. This person was appropriately called a ‘Lamplighter’. It was a simple task, but he literally made the night a little brighter for those around him. What a legacy!

Although the hand-lit lanterns are no longer in use, we still have many Lamplighters who do small things each day to light up someone else’s life and make it a little brighter. You may be one of them.

Everyone has a story to tell about a kind thing that someone has done for us. Or perhaps what we have done for others. What was done? How did you feel about it? Would you like to share the incident with others? Perhaps it will inspire others to perform similar acts of kindness. Your story will be posted to this website. For those who do not have internet access, the best anecdotes will be selected and edited for inclusion in a book/pamphlet to be published at a later date.

Your compensation will be the publication of your name/initials, city, state, and country as contributor of the story.


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